Safety Equipment

Do you need radar-based blind spot detection systems for your operations?

​WORRY NOT!  JME Safety Equipment has you covered!

"All JME products are proudly hand made in the USA"
Product durability:
In terms of durability and reliability, our safety system products are the best options in the market today.

Operator/Technician Friendlyness:
Installing our products is fast and simple.
We'll provide an instruction manual that will guide you along the way, one step at a time.

All of our products are affordable and can be customized to fit your budget.
Once you've told us what you need, we can show you the most practical products that we have. 

Safety systems consulting:

Do you need advice and guidance when it comes to safety systems?
We can help you out, please contact us for more infomation, we can custom build anything you need!

Show you are serious about SAFETY at your job site.
We can help you insure your operators are wearing a seat belt correctly.

Prevent Accidents caused by blind spots.
Our Auto Lube Controllers will ensure your lube system is operating correctly.
Our lube controller will let the operator and technicians know if there is a problem. 

Don't take a risk with YOUR safety! 
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Seatbelt Monitoring Systems
   Our Seat Belt Monitor Systems:

  • Remind a busy operator to buckle up.
  • Remind a busy operator to set the Park Brake when exiting the machine.
  • Insure Federal,Local, and Company Safety rules/laws are not being violated.
  • Generate multiple Audio and Visual alarms.
  • Notify Dispatch if a Seat Belt use violation occurs.
  • Alarm if power supply is interupted.
  • Custom built for every type and brand of Heavy or Light duty Equipment...Trucks, Fork Lifts, Loaders, Dozers. 
  • Built in LED's indicate what inputs are present.
Radar-based Blind Spot Detection
This system will help prevent accidents, by identifying objects in blind spots by issuing automated warnings. This system detects objects up to 100 feet away from machine sensors. 
   Our Blind Spot Detection Systems:

  • Increase Safety around large equipment.
  • Help Prevent Accidents caused by blind spots.
  • Our Radar Based Blind Spot Systems are designed and built "Mine Tough".
  • Detect Metallic objects up to 100 feet of the sensors.
  • Our Systems are customized to your application.
  • Our Radar systems are easily maintained, and far more affordable than other systems.​
Auto Lube Control Systems
A Typical installation on a Haul Truck
If you want to cut down maintenance costs, our auto lube controllers can do the job. These devices will ultimately warn operators whenever problems occur. Installation is also fast and easy.
   Our Auto Lube Controllers:

  • Improve Availability.
  • Prevent costly repair and down time.
  • Warn the operator of a system problem.
  • Allow easy testing of the Lube System.
  • Our Systems are customized to your application.
  • Have a built in Pressure Gauge.
Our Lube Controllers use the back up alarm signal to initiate a lube cycle on Haul Trucks. This provides a fresh cycle of grease to all components just before the truck gets loaded or dumped. This is very instrumental in extending the life of strut bearings, nose cones and other expensive components. Our "Press to Test" feature makes it very simple for operators and technicians to test the lube system.