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Established in 2006, JME has always been serious about Safety Protocols & Awareness. After 30 plus years experience working with Heavy/Mining equipment and MSHA certifications in Safety, Low, Medium, and High Voltage the company was created to offer specialized Electrical/Mechanical solutions to our customers. Presently Durable/Reliable JME products are at work around the world to prevent workplace accidents and injuries.

Here at JME Safety Equipment, we are very serious about helping companies in achieving high safety standards. With this goal, we were able to create high-quality safety products which have helped many  companies worldwide.
one of our most popular products is the seat belt monitoring device. This ensures that the operator adheres to all company, state and federal rules and law. Like seat belt usage, checks & balances, and other required methods. Our seat belt monitor device is flexible enough and can be installed on all types of heavy machinery. Next in line is our radar-based blind spot detection system. Its main goal is blind spot detection; this device is powerful enough to detect objects 100 feet away from the operator's location. Another one of our great products is our auto lube control system. The system insures proper lube system function and also notifies operator if a problem occurs.

Once you've purchased any of our products, you'll be guided accordingly. We'll also include instruction manuals to insure that you can set up the systems with relative ease. Pricing is also our advantage; our devices are affordable enough to meet your budget. 

Your company deserves the best safety equipment that it can get. Contact JME Safety Equipment today for a service consultation! 

ALL JME products are carfefully and proudly hand made in the USA!

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